Terms & Conditions - Porting of StarHub Mobile Prepaid Service to StarHub Mobile Postpaid Service (“Porting Service”)


  1. Except as provided in these Terms & Conditions, only the registered account holder of the StarHub Prepaid mobile service is entitled to register for the Porting Service.
  2. Customers whose prepaid mobile services have not been terminated or suspended are eligible for the Porting Service. The Porting Service is not applicable for corporate pre-paid mobile service customers or to StarHub postpaid mobile services registered under a BRN account.
    StarHub Prepaid mobile customers with expired Prepaid SIM cards will also not be eligible for the Porting Service.
  3. In the event that a person who is not the registered account holder (but holds a mobile service number registered to a particular StarHub Mobile Prepaid service account holder) wishes to sign up for the Porting Service, he/she must obtain a Letter of Authorisation from the aforesaid registered StarHub Mobile Prepaid service account holder prior to registering for the Porting Service.
  4. A customer who wants to port his mobile service number from StarHub Mobile Prepaid service to StarHub Mobile Postpaid service will need produce the following documents:
    1. For Singaporeans/ PR: NRIC, SAF11B, SPF11B or SCDF11B
    2. For Foreign Workers: Work Permit Identification Cards (issued from 3 May 1999), Employment Pass, Passport
    3. Where paragraph 3 above is applicable, the following documents must also be presented:
    4. Letter of Authorization from the registered account holder; and
    5. Copy of the NRIC/ FIN Pass/ Passport of the registered account holder.
  5. Existing credits and VAS (Value Added Services) on the StarHub Prepaid SIM will be forfeited and/or terminated upon porting to a StarHub Postpaid Mobile service line. Transfers of balance prepaid credits from the StarHub Prepaid Mobile service line will not be permitted.
  6. StarHub Mobile Prepaid Customers who have registered for the Porting Service will not be able to cancel their request.
  7. In the event of any dispute, StarHub’s decision shall prevail.
  8. StarHub’s General Terms & Conditions, any applicable Service Specific Terms & Conditions and all such other terms that may be accepted by you shall apply (collectively “Terms & Conditions”). You may refer to Legal Notices & Terms for the applicable Terms & Conditions.
  9. We may revise these Terms & Conditions from time to time and your use and/or continued use of StarHub services shall constitute acceptance of the same.