Terms & Conditions - Free Plus 3 for 6 months
  1. Promotion is valid till 30 August 2017 and is applicable to customers on an opt-in basis for standalone lines and SharePlus Parent lines (excluding SharePlus dependent lines) who sign up for a new 4G 3/4G 4/4G 5/4G 6/4G 12 SIM Only plan.
  2. Only one Plus 3 Data Upsize is allowed per mobile line.
  3. Free Plus 3 is valid for 6 continuous months and prevailing charges apply thereafter.
  4. Following the initial period of 6 months, the Plus 3 Data Upsize VAS will be charged at the prevailing price of $6 each month.
  5. Excess data charges are applicable upon utilisation of both the plan data bundle and Plus 3 Data Upsize VAS. Data bundled from the Plus 3 Data Upsize cannot be shared.
  6. The Plus 3 Data Upsize cannot be used in conjunction with the Youth Perks Free Data Upsize promotion.
  7. The promotion is mutually exclusive and is not applicable with Youth Promotions (free VASes, and free Data Upsize).