Terms & Conditions - My StarHub e-bill


1. Definitions

1.1 In this Section :-

1.1.1 "Account" means your account with us respect to the provision of any StarHub Service(s);
1.1.2 "Bill" means any bill, invoice or statement issued or rendered by us or our billing agent(s) for any charge, fee or other sum due and payable to us for the provision of services under your Account(s);
1.1.3 "E-mail" means an electronic mail to which communication may be sent to or received by you;
1.1.4 "E-mail Address" means the electronic mail address specified by you to be used as a mode of receiving notifications from us;
1.1.5 "Password" means a set of unique identification code made available to or created by you for accessing My StarHub e-bill;
1.1.6 "Service" means the mobile, broadband, pay television and Digital Voice services provided by StarHub, as well as such other services as may be designated by StarHub from time to time as being applicable for My StarHub e-bill;
1.1.7 "My StarHub e-bill " means the electronic bill presentation service offered by us;
1.1.8 "SMS" means short message service sent or received via a mobile phone;
1.1.9 "SMS alert" means short message service triggered from My StarHub e-bill;
1.1.10 "SMS Number" means a mobile phone number provided by you to which an SMS may be sent or received.

2. Eligibility for My StarHub e-bill

2.1 Customers who have an active Service with StarHub at the point of application are eligible to apply for My StarHub e-bill. Applications for My StarHub e-bill can be made online. Your application is subject to approval and may be declined at our discretion.
2.2 As a pre-requisite to applying for My StarHub e-bill, you must provide us with an active E-mail Address and/or Mobile Service Number and complete all details as prescribed by us.
2.3 You must also sign up for an Hub iD account for the use of the My StarHub e-bill Service. Access to My StarHub e-bill will be via your Hub iD account – My Account Manager, which can be found at your Hub iD's account management section. The usage of certain email names in the email address that you use to register for a HubiD account may prevent you from receiving your email bill notifications. To ensure that you will receive email bill notifications, you are advised to avoid using email addresses containing certain email names, including but not limited to: "abuse", "admin", "hostmaster", "postmaster", "root", "system admin", "webmaster", "all", "support", "info", "customercare", and "sales".
2.4 Upon our acceptance of your application for My StarHub e-bill, you will receive an E-mail or SMS confirmation of the same.
2.5 You agree that we may from time to time to modify, restrict, withdraw, cancel, suspend or discontinue My StarHub e-bill without assigning any reason. In the event that we do so, we will endeavour to notify you via a notice sent to your last known email address, mobile service number or postal address.

3. Activation and Use of My StarHub e-bill

3.1 Upon our acceptance of your application for My StarHub e-bill, you will no longer receive a paper copy of your monthly bill by post. Instead, on the date that the Bill is generated, you will receive your Bill in electronic form. You accept and agree to view in a timely manner the electronic form of the Bill.
3.2 You agree that the availability to you of the electronic form of the Bill on the invoice date (as determined by us) shall be deemed to be the date of delivery of the Bill to you.
3.3 Upon successful activation of My StarHub e-bill, you may log-on to StarHub My Account Manager from time to time to view your Bill(s) and/or to carry out other transactions available on My StarHub e-bill.
3.4 You shall be notified of any new Bills on My StarHub e-bill at the last email address or mobile service number notified by you to us. You acknowledge that the SMS alert service will be offered subject to availability and shall be at our sole discretion.
3.5 You are responsible for logging in and viewing your Bill(s) or letter(s) (if applicable) in a timely and prompt manner, and to notify us if there is any delay or failure in the delivery of the electronic form of the Bill, or letter (if applicable) or notification.
3.6 You remain responsible for ensuring timely payment of any and all Bills in accordance with StarHub General Terms & Conditions, regardless of whether your Bill is available for viewing, or if you are unable to access your Bill. You may contact StarHub's Customer Care to arrange for payment if any Bill cannot be accessed.
3.7 You acknowledge and agree that :-

3.7.1 All other Terms & Conditions relating to your Bill shall continue to be governed by StarHub's General Terms & Conditions and any applicable Service Specific Terms & Conditions; and
3.7.2 whilst E-mail or SMS (if applicable) is used as a means of communication between the you and us, there are risks inherent in such forms of communication including the risk of non-delivery, wrong delivery, disruption in delivery or truncated or illegible delivery. We shall not be liable to you for any damages, losses, costs or expenses arising out of the use of such communication.

3.8 In the event of any inconsistency between the Bill available on My StarHub e-bill and the Bill available on our billing system, the latter shall prevail.

4. Charges

4.1 My StarHub e-bill is a complimentary service offered by StarHub. However, we reserve the right to impose any charges for use of My StarHub e-bill at any time upon providing you with prior notice.
4.2 You agree that there may be an administrative fee payable by you should you request to revert back to hardcopy bills.
4.3 While on My StarHub e-bill, you may request a hardcopy of your Bill(s) at any time, subject to the payment of our prevailing charges for such requests.

5. Customer's Responsibilities

5.1 You are responsible for providing an accurate Email Address and/or mobile service number to enable notifications of Bill presentment to be sent to you. You shall also notify us promptly of any changes in the E-mail Address and Number (if applicable). In the event of non-delivery, wrong delivery or failure in delivery of notification of any Bill to the E-Mail Address or mobile service number provided by you, your Bill shall be deemed to be delivered to you on the date of first transmission or transmission attempt by us to your last provided E-Mail address or mobile service number (where applicable).You can update or confirm any changes to your personal information by visiting your account at StarHub My Account Manager or by contacting Customer Care.
5.2 In the event that :-

5.2.1 you provide us with an erroneous E-Mail Address;
5.2.2 we are unable to notify you of the Bill presentment via E-Mail; or
5.2.3 you default in making payment, the My StarHub e-bill status will remain active until such a time when My StarHub e-bill is terminated and discontinued in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.

5.3 In the case of persistent failure of delivery of any E-Mail or SMS notifications to you, we may at our discretion cease sending E-Mail or SMS notifications you until such a time when you provide us with a valid E-Mail address or Mobile Service Number for resumption of E-Mail or SMS notifications.
5.4 You are solely responsible for the security and secrecy of your login identification, or password(s) given to or chosen by you. You must ensure that these are not revealed to any third party. You are solely responsible for all activities that occur under your login identification, password(s), and/or your account.
5.5 We reserve the right to refuse, change or remove login identification, or password(s) which we deem inappropriate or offensive.
5.6 If you discover or suspect any unauthorised use or disclosure of your login identification, and/or password(s) or that your account security has been compromised, you must immediately :-

5.6.1 inform us; and
5.6.2 change your password(s).

5.7 You are advised to change your password(s), or any other security identification regularly to protect your own security.
5.8 The security of your account, including any Content stored, sent or received, is your own responsibility. We cannot guarantee the safety and security of any transmission.

6. Termination and Discontinuation of My StarHub e-bill

6.1 We may terminate your My StarHub e-bill service within a reasonable time after you have terminated all Services with us and have discharged all outstanding payment obligations.
6.2 You may terminate your My StarHub e-bill service at any time by following the procedures set out in My StarHub e-bill service. Upon deactivation of your My StarHub e-bill service, you will resume receipt of hard copy Bills mailed to your last known mailing address. You will no longer be able to access your My StarHub e-bill service or any information relating to the same upon termination of the service.

7. General

7.1 In addition to the Terms & Conditions herein, StarHub General Terms & Conditions, any applicable Service Specific Terms & Conditions and any other Terms & Conditions agreed or accepted by you shall apply.
7.2 We may change this Terms & Conditions from time to time. We endeavour, where reasonably practicable to give you reasonable advance notice of such changes. We will notify you of such changes through written notice, E-mail, our Bill, website, or such other form as we may deem appropriate. You agree that the display of any revised Terms & Conditions on our website will constitute notice of the changes. Your continued use of My StarHub e-bill will constitute acceptance of such changes.


Terms and Conditions for ‘My StarHub e-bill Sign-Up’ Lucky Draw (“Lucky Draw”)



1. This Lucky Draw commences on 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015, both dates inclusive (“Lucky Draw Period”).

2. Participants must have at least one active service with StarHub during the Lucky Draw Period, and not have any outstanding bills with StarHub during the Lucky Draw Period and at the time of the draw.

3. Participants are entitled to one (1) chance at the Lucky Draw for every My StarHub e-bill sign-up during the Lucky Draw Period. Participants who have signed up for My StarHub e-bill previously are not allowed to participate in this Lucky Draw.

4. Employees of StarHub, their immediate families, as well as commercial customers and bulk subscription customers, are not eligible to participate in this Lucky Draw.


Lucky Draw Mechanics

5. Participants will have to do the following during the Lucky Draw Period:

  • Opt in for My StarHub e-bill via My Account or My StarHub App

6. At the end of the Lucky Draw Period, Winners will be picked from the eligible participants through a lucky draw (“Winners”).

7. Each eligible StarHub account owner will be entitled to participate once in the Lucky Draw. 

8. Past Winners of My StarHub e-bill Sign Up Lucky Draw (January – June 2015) will not be allowed to participate in the Lucky Draw.



9. Grand Prize. There shall be one (3) Winners of the Grand Prize, which comprises:

3D2N Conrad Centennial Suite stay, inclusive of breakfast for two

10. Monthly Prizes. There shall be three (3) Winners of the Monthly Prize. Each Monthly Prize shall comprise $100 worth of Conrad Centennial F&B vouchers.


Terms and conditions of Prizes

11. The Winners acknowledge and agree that StarHub makes no warranty whatsoever as to the Prizes, including without limitation the availability, times, quality, fitness for purpose or value of the Prizes.

12. StarHub shall not be deemed to be the seller or transferor of the Prizes. The Prize shall be subject to such other terms and conditions as may be imposed by the relevant sponsors, merchants and/or suppliers of the Prize (“Prize Terms”). Each Winner agrees to be bound by such Prize Terms.

13. StarHub reserves the right to redistribute any unclaimed Prizes to other participants or donate any unclaimed Prizes to the Community Chest or any other approved charitable organization.

14. The Prizes, or any part thereof, shall not be transferable, exchangeable, redeemable or substituted for cash or other benefits.

15. StarHub reserves the right to replace any Prize with another of equal or higher value without prior notice.


Conduct of Draw

16. The monthly draws will be conducted on the following draw dates (“Draw Date(s)”):

16.1. 14 September 2015 for the August Monthly Lucky Draw Period;

16.2. 16 October 2015 for the September Monthly Lucky Draw Period;

16.3. 16 November 2015 for the October Monthly Lucky Draw Period;

16.4. 14 December 2015 for the November Monthly Lucky Draw Period; and

16.5. 15 January 2016 for the December Monthly and Grand Draw Lucky Draw Period.

at 67 Ubi Avenue 1, #05-01 StarHub Green, Singapore 408942. StarHub will notify the Winners by post to arrange for him or her to collect the Prize(s).



17. The Prizes must be redeemed in accordance with the notification letter from StarHub.

18. If a Winner fails to collect the Prize by the deadline specified by StarHub, the Winner shall be deemed to have forfeited the Prize, and no further correspondence will be entertained under any circumstances.

19. Each Winner shall also be required to sign an acknowledgement and release form in respect of his or her use of the Prize, as a condition to his or her receipt of the Prize.


Personal Data

20. We will collect and use participants’ personal data, as well as disclose their personal data to our partners, to facilitate their participation in the Lucky Draw. Such personal data may include without limitation a participant’s name, telephone number, mailing address and email address.

21. StarHub and its partners reserve the right to use the names, pictures, photographs or likeness of any participant or Winner in its marketing, publicity or promotional materials at StarHub's sole discretion without notice to the participant or Winner, or require any participant or Winner to appear in any form of marketing, publicity or promotional activities. StarHub may also use your personal data to conduct analysis on your use of our products and services so as to help us improve, review, develop and efficiently manage the products and services offered to you.

22. By participating in this Lucky Draw, you consent to our and our partners’ collection, use and disclosure of your personal data for the purposes and in the manner described above.



23. StarHub's decisions on the Lucky Draw and the Winners shall be final and no correspondence will be entertained under any circumstances. In the event of a dispute, any individual’s entitlement to participate in the Lucky Draw and any participant’s entitlement to the Prizes shall be subject to the sole discretion and final determination of StarHub.

24. StarHub is not responsible to any Winner for the redemption of the Prizes. StarHub shall not be liable to any Winner for damages, losses, costs or expenses, lost profits, revenue, business or anticipated savings suffered or incurred by any Winner arising out of or in connection with the redemption of any Prize.

25. StarHub reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. Participation in this Lucky Draw and continued use of StarHub services will constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions and any amendments thereof.

26. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and parties agree to be bound by the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.