Terms & Conditions - Mobile Services


  1. Services & Equipment
    1. In this Section, Services refer to mobile Services provided by StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd (Reg. No. 200000646C) and Equipment refers to the handset or other Equipment which you use to obtain or access the Services.
  2. Minimum Period of Service
    1. Unless otherwise stated elsewhere, the Minimum Period of Service for:
      1. Mobile telephone Services is 3 months; and
      2. Mobile Value-Added Services is 1 month
  3. Suspension and Reconnection

      3.1 A non pro-rated monthly recurring charge of $5.35 (including GST) applies for the period of suspension of your Postpaid Mobile Service.

      3.2 The period of service suspension does not count towards any minimum period of service.

      3.3 Your Postpaid Mobile Service can only be suspended for a maximum duration of 6 consecutive months, following which the related service will be automatically terminated.

      3.4 Reconnection of services after termination is chargeable at $16.05 (including GST) per service and must be done within 3 months from the date of termination subject to availability of the mobile number.

  4. Loss and theft

    1. If the Equipment or your SIM card is lost or stolen, you must tell us immediately verbally and follow up with a written confirmation within 24 hours.
    2. Until you tell us about the loss or theft, you will continue to be responsible for the Charges incurred using the Equipment or your SIM card whether you know it or not.
  5. Additional Charges
    1. There may be additional Charges for:
      1. a change of usage plan for the Services;
      2. reconnection of the Services;
      3. calls made/received using roaming Services from/in certain countries even if the calls are not connected, unanswered or unsuccessful for any reason whatsoever and howsoever caused (and for the avoidance of doubt, additional Charges may apply where an announcement may be triggered by an unsuccessful call);
      4. the airtime usage for local and international toll-free calls, including but not limited to that made to the 1800- and/or 800- services, through the Services; and
      5. the airtime usage for calls made to premium rate services, including but not limited to that made to the 1900- services, through the Services.
    2. Notwithstanding the foregoing Section 4.1.3, you agree that at all times the Charges will be calculated based on records supplied to us by another Service Provider. The Charges will also be dependent on such Service Provider’s calculation and billing methodology, which falls outside of our control.
  6. Roaming
    1. Automatic roaming service for mobile devices outside Singapore is available in countries as stated on our website. A deposit may be required for roaming services to certain countries.
    2. When you use our roaming service, we do not guarantee that all call details will be reflected in your bill. You agree that certain call details will not be reflected in your bill including but not limited to:
      1. the telephone number of the calling party of ANY incoming call;
      2. the telephone number of the party sending the Short Messaging Services (“SMS”); and/or
      3. the telephone number of the party receiving the SMS.
  7. Credit Limit on Call Charges
    1. We may apply a credit limit for call charges (including mobile roaming charges) incurred under your account. Services may be suspended in case of non-payment or if this limit is exceeded.
  8. Telephone Numbers
    1. When we allocate any telephone numbers to you, you will not have any rights to these telephone numbers except for the sole purpose of using the Services in accordance with this Agreement. You cannot sell or agree to transfer these telephone numbers to anyone else. You must not apply or try to apply for registration of these telephone numbers as trademarks, whether on their own or together with any word or mark.
    2. We may, for commercial, operational or technical reasons or compliance with any requirement of the relevant Regulatory Authority or other authority, withdraw or change any telephone number allocated to you. However, we will endeavour to give you reasonable notice in this event.
  9. Pre-paid Mobile Services
    1. Registration and Eligibility
      1. All pre-paid cards must be registered with effect from 1 November 2005. Upon successful registration, the pre-paid card will be automatically activated. All unregistered pre-paid cards, whether purchased after or before 1 November 2005, will be terminated with effect from 1 May 2006 onwards.
      2. We may decline acceptance of your application for purchase and/or registration of the pre-paid cards at our discretion.
      3. If you are an individual customer:
        1. you must be at least 15 years old before you can purchase a pre-paid card;
        2. you can only register up to 3 pre-paid cards with all Service Providers (including us) in Singapore; and
        3. you must register the pre-paid card in person by submitting the following:
          1. your original passport/work permit (in the case of foreigners) . If you are a Singapore National Serviceman, you can submit your original NRIC or SAF11B/SCDF 11B/SPF11B;
          2. The pre-paid card itself (if the pre-paid card was purchased before 1 November 2005). The pre-paid card must be active at the time of registration; and
          3. such other information or document as we may require.
      4. If you are a corporate or business customer:
        1. you must provide us with your company's or business' particulars including your company/business registration number;
        2. you must appoint an authorised representative to register the bulk purchased pre-paid cards;
        3. you must ensure that your authorised representative will be responsible for arranging for the list of pre-paid card mobile phone numbers and his personal ID to be registered with us;
        4. you must ensure that your authorised representative will be responsible for the safe-keep and dissemination of the pre-paid cards until the pre-paid cards are registered; and
        5. you must ensure that your authorised representative will transfer the ownership of the pre-paid cards to individual end- users presenting both parties' personal ID and the pre-paid card itself; both parties must be present for the transfer, and the pre-paid card will be activated only after the transfer is successful.
    2. De-Registration
      1. All de-registration of pre-paid cards must be done in person at any of our Customer Service Centres.
      2. In order to de-register the pre-paid card, you must submit the following:
        1. your original NRIC or (in the case of foreigners) passport/work permit. If you are a Singapore National Serviceman, you can submit your original SAF11B/SCDF 11B/SPF 11B; and
        2. the pre-paid card which must be active at the time of de-registration.
      3. Once de-registered, the pre-paid card will be terminated and any remaining value stored on it will be forfeited. We will not refund any remaining value stored on it.
    3. Other
      1. The prepaid SIM card and balance has a validity of 90/180 days from the day of activation. To extend the validity, you will need to do a top up.
      2. You will be responsible for the pre-paid or top-up card and must ensure that anyone using the card complies with the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement.
      3. You are responsible for the safe-keep and use of the pre-paid or top-up card.
      4. For replacement of SIM card is chargeable at $25 (w/o GST). Prepaid SIM card and top up card once sold are not refundable or exchangeable.
      5. We will not refund any remaining value stored on a pre-paid card that has the stored value erased, if it should be lost, or damaged, whether before or after its expiry or termination date or if the PIN is blocked.
      6. Although it may say differently elsewhere in this Agreement, our maximum liability to you and anyone else who use a pre-paid or top-up card is limited to the price of that card.
      7. Your use of our pre-paid or top-up card means that you have accepted the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement.