Terms & Conditions - FREE IDD 018 at just $7/mth


  1. Applicable for sign-up with all StarHub Mobile plans, excluding SmartSurf HD Plans. Applicable to IDD 018 voice calls originating from Singapore to any mobile and fixed line in Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA (50 states in USA only, including Alaska and Hawaii).
  2. Also applicable to IDD 018 voice calls made to any fixed line in Australia and Japan.
  3. FREE IDD 018 excludes the following:
    1. Australia mobile and special services with prefixes 611, 614.
    2. Japan mobile with prefixes 8170, 8180, 8190.
    3. UK special service with prefixes 4455, 4456, 448, 449.
  4. FREE IDD 018 is available as a value-added service at $7/month to all StarHub Mobile plans, excluding mobile plans with unlimited voice bundle and SmartSurf HD plans. Monthly subscription is non-prorated upon activation and de-activation of the FREE IDD 018 value-added service. For example, a customer activates the FREE IDD 018 on 10 Jan 2016 and the next bill cycle is 14 Jan 2016, he will be charged the full $7 subscription for use from 10 to 13 Jan 2016. If the customer de-activates the FREE IDD 018 value-added service on 15 Jan 2016 or anytime before the next billing cycle, there will be no refund for the $7 monthly subscription nor will the charge be pro-rated.
  5. Local airtime rate applies to all FREE IDD 018 calls made and is deductible from the FREE local outgoing voice bundle.
  6. This VAS is not applicable:
    1. To calls made via IDD 008 or by pressing '+' on the mobile phones;
    2. To inbound and outbound roaming calls;
    3. To calls made from SingTel/M1's mobile lines, all fixed lines and payphones;
    4. To calls made via HomeConnect, StarHub payphones or 1635 Operator Assist;
    5. To calls made from Digital Voice and
    6. For Global SMS.
  7. For customers converting from old mobile plans (such as PowerConnect, PowerTalk Ultimate, etc) to 4G or PowerValue mobile plan, FREE IDD 018 Value Added Services will become a payable service at $7/month.
  8. Applicable charges for local calls will apply at the prevailing rates.
  9. The use of the FREE IDD 018 at just $7/mth Value-Added Services are subject to StarHub's Consumer General Terms & Conditions, and any other terms and conditions that StarHub and customer may have agreed to from time to time. The terms and conditions may be viewed at Legal Notices & Terms.