Terms & Conditions - Hubbing


  1. For residential customers only.
  2. Valid for new subscriptions to the Fibre Home Broadband, StarHub TV, Digital Voice Home and MaxMobile services. Customers with existing Fibre Home Broadband, StarHub TV and/or Digital Voice Home services who have fulfilled the minimum period of service under the contract for each individual service may transfer the individual service to the HomeHub Plan. Customers with existing Cable Home Broadband Service may convert their Cable Home Broadband service to a Fibre Broadband service and transfer to the HomeHub Plan. For the avoidance of doubt, customers must subscribe to a new MaxMobile Service under the HomeHub Plan.
  3. Valid with a 24-month contract.
  4. This Promotion is not valid with other offers or packages unless specified by StarHub.
  5. HomeHub Plan is only available for fibre-ready and certified residential properties with a Termination Point within the property and homes connected to StarHub’s cable network with 2-way interactive signal.
  6. The HomeHub Plan subscription and contract will commence after all 4 services are fully installed and activated. Prior to the commencement of the HomeHub Plan subscription, prevailing charges will apply for each individual service.
  7. Early termination charges are applicable if you terminate your HomeHub Plan before the expiry of the 24-month minimum period of service for the HomeHub Plan, calculated as follows:
Months Early Termination Charge ($)
1 749.00
2 717.79
3 686.58
4 655.38
5 624.17
6 592.96
7 561.75
8 530.54
9 499.33
10 468.13
11 436.92
12 405.71
13 374.50
14 343.29
15 312.08
16 280.88
17 249.67
18 218.46
19 187.25
20 156.04
21 124.83
22 93.63
23 62.42
24 31.21
  1. Further, if you terminate your Fibre Home Broadband Service before the expiry of the 12-month minimum period of service, you will have to pay additional early termination charges calculated as follows: 
    1. $385.20 x number of days remaining in the minimum period of service / 365 days
  2. The following disconnection fees are also payable in the event you terminate your new StarHub TV Service or Fibre Home Broadband Service within 3 months of subscription:
    1. StarHub TV: $64.20;
    2. Fibre Home Broadband: $32.10.
  3. FREE installation of Fibre Terminal Point is applicable for customers with no fibre point installed within their premises and for up to first 15-metres from point of entry to home.
  4. The activation and installation fees for new StarHub TV Service and Fibre Home Broadband Service of $32.10 and $53.50 respectively will be waived up till a date specified by StarHub in its sole discretion.
  5. Digital Voice Home activation fee of $42.80 will be waived up till a date specified by StarHub in its sole discretion.
  6. MaxMobile Service SIM activation fee of $37.45 will be waived up till a date specified by StarHub in its sole discretion.
  7. MaxMobile Service registration fee of $10.70 applies.
  8. HubStation HD or HD Interactive set-top box is required. Rental charge applies.
  9. MaxMobile 21Mbps (1GB) comes with 1GB bundled data. Excess data usage will be charged at $8.56 per GB. Monthly bill is capped at $85.60.
  10. A D-Link DIR865L modem will be provided to all new and existing Fibre Home Broadband customers. Existing customers who do not require a modem can opt for 3,000 StarHub Reward Points.
  11. The HomeHub Voucher will be issued upon commencement of your HomeHub Plan.
  12. The HomeHub Voucher will be credited into your bill on a monthly basis.
  13. The HomeHub Voucher may be used to offset any subscription fees incurred in respect of any StarHub TV additional groups, add-on channels or add-on groups, or video-on-demand services purchased by you over and above the minimum 3 Groups for StarHub TV, except Add-on Packs. “Add-on Packs” are the Box Office Pack, Supreme Box Office Pack, Yu Le Pack, Qiang Dang Yu Le Pack, Thangam Pack, Impian Pack and Manoranjan Pack.
  14. If there is no applicable TV content charge, the HomeHub Voucher will not appear in the bill. Any unused or remaining value of the HomeHub Voucher will be forfeited and will not be carried forward to the following month.
  15. In addition, if you are an existing subscriber or if you subscribe to a new StarHub mobile line, you will be entitled to be a HubClub member. As a Hub Club member, you will also enjoy:
    1. A handset upgrade every 12 months;
    2. Up to 30% savings on your mobile service subscription fees.
  16. The subscription fees for the StarHub TV Anywhere service will be waived for a limited period from now until 30 June 2014 or such other date as may be determined by StarHub. Thereafter, standard rates will apply.
  17. The Consumer General Terms & Conditions, HomeHub Plan Terms & Conditions, Service Specific Terms & Conditions and other Terms & Conditions apply. For a complete list of the applicable terms and conditions, please refer to Legal Notices & Terms.