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If there is any conflict or inconsistency between any provision of these Promotion Terms & Conditions, the General Consumer Terms & Conditions and Service Specific Terms & Conditions for HomeHub Go 15 Plan, the documents shall be construed in the following order of precedence:

o   Promotion Terms & Conditions;

o   Service Specific Terms & Conditions for HomeHub Go 15; and

o   General Consumer Terms & Conditions.


Eligibility and Service Requirements


·       HomeHub Go 15 mobile plan is available to HomeHub Go 1Gbps, HomeHub 100, HomeHub 500 and HomeHub 1000 plan subscribers only (collectively, “HomeHub plan(s)”).

·         If your subscription to HomeHub plan is ultimately unsuccessful due to the installation of home broadband installation being not possible or delayed more than 3 months, the HomeHub Go 15 mobile line will default to a 4G4 plan and the mobile contract herein will be deemed to have commenced from the date of first sign up.


·         Your HomeHub Go 15 mobile plan must be in the same billing account as your HomeHub plan. Otherwise,  the lines under your HomeHub Go 15 mobile plan will be changed to 4G 4 plan and the prevailing monthly subscription charge for 4G 4 plan will apply. If there is any contract linked to the HomeHub Go 15 mobile plan, then that contract shall continue.

·       You are eligible to subscribe to HomeHub Go 15 mobile plans at the time when you initially subscribe to HomeHub plan or after your HomeHub plan is active. Subscriptions to HomeHub Go 15 mobile plans are not available between your initial subscription to HomeHub bundle and your activation of your HomeHub plan.


Hub Club Membership


·         Each HomeHub Go 15 mobile line is counted towards your entitlement for the Hub Club Mobile Discount and Hub Club membership.

·         Waiver of $200 from the early mobile re-contract fee of $300 is only applicable to one mobile line (that is registered under a Hub Club member’s NRIC/FIN) every 12 months. This is provided are no outstanding balances and the mobile line for which the waiver is sought must be in active use for at least 12 months.

Other Charges

·         Prevailing local mobile excess charges apply. Please refer to Mobile Voice Plan Consumer Terms & Conditions for further details.


StarHub 12Up

·         You must purchase an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus from StarHub on a 24-month mobile voice contract from 16 September 2016 and bring in the handset for upgrade to the next Eligible New Device before 31 October 2018.

·         At point of upgrade, you must have completed at least 12 full months of your 24 month service contract and you must be eligible for recontract.

·         The Eligible StarHub 12Up Device must be in good working condition.

·         For full list of Eligible New / StarHub 12Up Devices and Terms and Conditions, please refer to www.starhub.com/12up-tnc