Terms & Conditions - HappyTalk Promotion


  1. Applicable to all StarHub Mobile customers with an active postpaid plan except PowerNow and PowerChat plans.
  2. To enjoy additional 300 local outgoing minutes, customers will need to opt in for one of the three HappyTalk value-added services: MyCircle, MyTime or MyZone. The additional 300 minutes is given on a monthly basis and based on your bill cycle usage period.
  3. All three HappyTalk value-added services are mutually exclusive and additional talk-time will only be utilised after customers’ price plan bundled local minutes.
  4. Customers can call 1633 or SMS the respective keywords to sign up.
  5. A one-time charge of $10.70 will apply when customers sign up for HappyTalk.
  6. Once customer has selected her/his HappyTalk value-added service, s/he can change to any one of the other two value-added services any time and a one-time charge of $10.70 for each change will apply.
  7. MyCircle entitles customers a total of three nominated StarHub numbers which they can call using the additional talk-time.
  8. Customers will also get additional 300 local SMS/MMS, which they can use to send to these nominated three MyCircle numbers.
  9. Additional 300 local SMS/MMS will be utilised after customers’ price plan bundled local SMS/MMS.
  10. The three nominated numbers can be any StarHub fixed, mobile postpaid or prepaid number.
  11. To sign up for MyCircle via SMS, text MyCircle <space> Add <space> 8-digit number to 6773.
  12. For each change of any of the three nominated MyCircle numbers, a one-time charge of $1.07/number will apply.
  13. MyTime entitles customers to call any StarHub fixed, mobile postpaid or prepaid number between 12 - 7am using the additional talk-time.
  14. To sign up for MyTime via SMS, text MyTime <space> Add <space> Time to 6773.
  15. MyZone entitles customers to call any local fixed, mobile postpaid or prepaid number using the additional talk-time when they are in the selected zones.
  16. The zones in which customers can enjoy additional talk-time include *Scape, Bugis Junction, ION Orchard, Plaza Singapura and Raffles City Shopping Centre plus selected schools and camps.
  17. MyZone talk-time is only applicable when customers utilise it within the compound of the selected buildings, schools and camps.
  18. For the full listing of selected zones applicable for MyZone, please refer to HappyTalk.
  19. To sign up for MyZone via SMS, text MyZone <space> Add <space> Zone to 6773.
  20. For more details about HappyTalk, please refer to HappyTalk.