Terms & Conditions - Happy $128 Top-Up Card

  1. With every successful $28 Happy 128 prepaid top-up made on Happy prepaid and up to the Cap as defined in clause 7 below, you will receive the following benefits:
    1. $100 worth of credit for local services balance, which you can use for local SMS and local voice calls (excluding calls to 1900/IDD/15xx); and
    2. $28 worth of credit for international services balance, which you can use for Global SMS and IDD 008/018 calls (inclusive of local airtime Charges of an IDD call)
    3. (collectively, “Benefit”).
  2. IDD calls made using 15xx prefix are not eligible for the above Benefit. IDD and local call Charges made using 15xx prefix will be deducted from the main wallet balance.
  3. Charges for IDD calls (inclusive of the local airtime charge for the duration of IDD 018 calls to one of the free IDD 018 destinations) will be deducted from the international services balance.
  4. For any local SMS or local calls made, the deduction will be made based on this order (where applicable): 
    1. any existing free bundled SMS or Benefit airtime balance
    2. Happy 128 Benefit balance
    3. card's main wallet balance
  5. Once any of the Benefit have been used up, all relevant Charges will be deducted from the card's main wallet balance.
  6. The Benefit and any remaining unused balance will expire 50 days from the day of your first top up. If you wish to roll over any unused Benefit, you will have to do another $28 Happy 128 prepaid top-up subject to the Cap below before the expiry of 50 days of your first top up.
  7. All top ups must be made within 50 days from the previous top up and you can only top up to a Benefit of $500 worth of local services balance and $140 worth of international services balance (“Cap”). The Cap shall apply to your wallet balance at all times. We will not, under any circumstances, entertain any claims, including any request to remove or change the Cap. The Cap shall apply to all customers of Happy prepaid, both existing and new customers. As such, all existing Happy prepaid customers with existing wallet balances are strongly encouraged to use their existing wallet balances by 1 September 2018 (or such other later date as may be notified by us); failing which, all unused wallet balances shall automatically and immediately expire and customers shall be deemed to have agreed to forfeit all unused wallet balances and they cannot be rolled over.
  8. We will not, under any circumstances, entertain any claim for any refund or forfeiture of any unused balance remaining in the Happy prepaid card account.
  9. All existing promotions (e.g. promotional IDD rates) and features (e.g. FREE 10 Local/Global SMS with 5 sent daily) offered on Happy prepaid Service will still be applicable with $28 Happy 128 prepaid top-up unless otherwise stated.
  10. You shall be solely responsible for the use of your Happy prepaid card, including any loss, expense or damage that you may suffer.
  11. We reserve the right to revise any of these terms and conditions at our discretion without prior notice. Use of the Happy prepaid card/Service will constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions and any amendments thereof.
  12. In addition to these terms and conditions, our consumer General Terms & Conditions and relevant Service Specific Terms & Conditions as stated on www.starhub.com (under Legal Notices & Terms) or such other link as may be notified by us shall apply.