Terms & Conditions - DataTravel
  1. DataTravel 2GB and DataTravel 3GB (each “DataTravel plan”) are bundled with 2GB and 3GB data roam bundle respectively. Customers can purchase more than one DataTravel plan at any point of time, regardless if the data roam bundle has been depleted or expired. The data roam bundle will be aggregated and valid for thirty (30) calendar days from the date of last DataTravel plan purchase (the “Validity Period”).
  2. StarHub Mobile postpaid customers will need to be subscribed to International Roaming Service at a fee of S$10 every month or Pay-As-You-Roam service (which has no monthly subscription fee) to purchase and use the DataTravel plans. There is no additional 20% surcharge for Pay-As-You-Roam subscribers when purchasing a DataTravel plan. Customers on RoamEasy Monthly 400MB, RoamEasy Monthly 1GB, BlackBerry Unlimited DataRoam VAS, Monthly DataRoam Value, Monthly DataRoam Premium, Unlimited DataRoam Ultimate, and customized enterprise plans are not eligible to purchase DataTravel plans.
  3. Customers with DataTravel Unlimited or RoamEasy Daily are eligible to purchase DataTravel plan. The data roam usages for these two groups of customers will first be consumed from the DataTravel plan purchased when roaming in the designated countries. Once the DataTravel plan has been depleted or expired, then the data roam usages will be based on customer’s DataTravel Unlimited or RoamEasy Daily.
  4. DataTravel plan is applicable across all the supported mobile network operators in the different designated countries listed in starhub.com/datatravel, within the Validity Period.
  5. Upon successful purchase of DataTravel plan, customers will be charged and it will be reflected in the current month’s bill. There will be no refund of unused, expired data roam bundles from DataTravel plan.
  6. For MultiSIM customers, data roam usage from each SIM card will be consumed from the same data roam data bundle under DataTravel plan when roaming in the designated countries.
  7. For Shareplus customers, only the Shareplus main line can activate the DataTravel plan for the Shareplus dependent line. Any DataTravel plan purchased for the Shareplus dependent line shall not be transferable.  
  8. In the event that there is any change in ownership of a mobile service or a change in billing account during the Validity Period, all remaining balance purchased under the DataTravel plan shall be forfeited.
  9. Usage of the DataTravel plan is subject to StarHub's General Terms & Conditions, the applicable Service Specific Terms & Conditions and any other terms that you may accept. StarHub may amend these Terms & Conditions (including without limitation to pricing and the list of designated countries) from time to time. Usage or continued usage of the DataTravel plan shall constitute acceptance of any changes to these Terms & Conditions.