Terms & Conditions - Data upsize with 4G plans


  1. Data Upsize VAS (1GB/2GB/3GB)
    1. Valid for SharePlus parent lines, standalone new and existing StarHub Mobile customers who re-contract on 4G300M/4G3/4G4/4G5/4G6/4G12 mobile plans.
    2. Maximum of one 1GB/2GB/3GB data upsize is permitted for each mobile phone number.
    3. The Data Upsize VAS of 1GB, 2GB and 3GB are mutually exclusive and cannot be collected together for a single mobile phone line.
    4. Data bundled from the Data Upsize Value Add Service cannot be shared.
    5. Excess data charges are billed to individual mobile phone lines upon utilization of both the plan data bundle and data upsize VAS.
    6. 1GB/2GB/3GB Data Upsize Value Add Service for SmartSurf HD Value, SmartSurf HD Plus and SmartSurf HD Premium mobile plans are as follows:
      • 1GB @ $4.28 per month,
      • 2GB @ $8.56 per month and,
      • 3GB @ $12.84 per month.
    7. There is a one-time charge of $10.70 for any sign up of Data Upsize VAS.