Terms & Conditions - Billing and Collection on Behalf of Third Party


  1. Definitions
    1. In these Service Specific Terms and Conditions:
"Charges" all deposits, usage, cancellation and administrative charges and other fees to be paid by you for or relating to the Third Party services.
"Service" means the billing and collection service by which StarHub collects from you, for and on behalf of the Third Party on whose behalf StarHub is billing.
"Taxes" any and all taxes, goods and services tax, duties, levies and other similar charges imposed under any law in respect of the provision of the Third Party services or on any Charges or payment due from or payable by you to the Third Party.
"Third Party" means the third party who has entered into a contract with StarHub to provide the Service to you.
  1. General
    1. The use of this Service is subject to StarHub's General Consumer Terms & Conditions, Service Specific Terms and Conditions for My StarHub e-bill and any other terms and conditions that you and StarHub may have agreed in writing. You may view our terms and conditions at Legal Notices & Terms.
    2. The Third Party has appointed StarHub as its agent for the opening of account, and the billing and collection of all Charges under your account and you shall be deemed to have accepted this appointment.

  2. Eligibility for the Service
    1. The Service is only available to you if you are an individual with a valid residential address, and not a corporation.
  3. Duration of Service
    1. The Service will commence based on instructions provided by the Third Party.
  4. Service
    1. Your use of the Third Party’s service is subject to the terms and conditions between you and the Third Party, as set out on their website or as otherwise provided to you by them.
    2. You will be billed in accordance with the terms and conditions between you and the Third Party.
    3. For the purpose of the Service, StarHub is acting as a billing agent. As such, any issues relating to the operation or performance of the Third Party’s service and all disputes relating to the Third Party should be referred to the Third Party. If you have any queries, disputes or concerns on the bill, you agree to contact the Third Party directly to address such queries, disputes or concerns.
    4. Your use of the Service is subject to any instructions, notices and directions as may be determined by StarHub from time to time.
    5. In certain limited circumstances, may be required to repair, maintain, upgrade or improve the Service and or equipment used to provide the Service. On such occasions, the Service may be temporarily unavailable, however, StarHub will restore the Service as soon as reasonably practicable. StarHub may modify the Service in order to keep pace with the prevailing demands and technological developments, at our discretion and without any notice to you.
  5. Charges and Payment
    1. You are liable for the Charges for the Third Party services you have purchased, applied for and/or incurred under your account whether the services are used by you or someone else (regardless whether such use was with your express consent and/or knowledge or otherwise). You may pay through GIRO, your credit card or any other third party designated by StarHub. Any change/termination in the method of payment will only be effected from the next billing cycle onwards.
    2. Charges will be calculated based on records supplied to StarHub by the Third Party.
    3. Recurring Charges apply for the full period to which the Charges relate. Charges incurred in a billing cycle may be reflected in your bill for the next billing cycle or any subsequent billing cycle.
    4. StarHub will send you a bill at monthly intervals. However, StarHub may send you bills at such intervals and on such dates as StarHub deems appropriate. All Charges are due as soon as the bill is issued. Each bill must be settled by the payment date set out in it. Unless otherwise stated in the bill or elsewhere, all Charges are payable in Singapore dollars. In the absence of fraud or manifest error, subject to Clause 6.5 below, StarHub may rely on each bill as conclusive evidence against you of the accuracy, completeness and truth of all matters stated in it. You are responsible for paying all Charges without any counterclaim, deduction, set off or withholding.
    5. StarHub may charge you interest on the outstanding amount at 1.5% per month from the date the outstanding amount was due and payable and calculated on a daily basis or at such other rates as StarHub may prescribe from time to time. Alternatively, StarHub may charge you the standard late payment fee as StarHub may prescribe from time to time.
    6. StarHub may, at our discretion, allow certain Services to be paid through GIRO, your credit or debit card. Where you have chosen the method of payment through your credit or debit card, you must inform StarHub immediately in writing if your credit or debit card is lost, stolen, expired or terminated or if you want to terminate this method of payment. Where the method of payment is through GIRO, you shall notify the relevant bank and StarHub if you want to terminate this method of payment. The termination of the GIRO/credit card payment arrangement will only be in effect when the message referring to the GIRO/credit card deduction is no longer reflected in your bill. If StarHub are unable to make the deduction or settlement with your bank or card company, StarHub will not be liable to you in any way and you must make payment for outstanding amounts in cash, cheque or bank draft immediately together with any administrative fees and/or processing fee (inclusive of GST) for the failed transaction. Where payment is made by cheque, a processing fee (inclusive of GST) will be imposed in the event the cheque is returned and/or rejected by the bank. StarHub may, at our discretion, terminate any such recurring method of payment at any time.
    7. Where you have chosen the methods of payment stated in Clause 6.6 and where payment is made by a consenting third party, StarHub will only take instructions from you (not the said third party) in writing, in respect of all matters pertaining to your account and the Service, including but not limited to the payment instructions.
    8. You are responsible for all Taxes. If you are required under any law to deduct or withhold any sum as Taxes imposed on any amount payable to StarHub, the amount payable to StarHub must be increased by such amount necessary to ensure that StarHub will receive a net amount equal to the amount which StarHub would have received in the absence of any such deduction or withholding.
    9. If you are late in paying or do not pay any bill, StarHub may, at our discretion, charge you administrative fees and/or late payment interest or fee as set out in Clause 6.5 above. If StarHub claim against you for failing to pay any bill, you are liable for all our legal, administrative and other costs.
    10. Any credit balance shall be rolled over to the next bill cycle as StarHub deems appropriate.
  6. Personal Data Protection

    Your use of the Service is subject to StarHub’s Data Protection Policy. By using or continuing to use the Service, you agree and consent to be bound by the terms of StarHub’s Data Protection Policy and the Third Party’s data protection policy.

  7. Liability

    The Service is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis and StarHub hereby excludes all conditions, endorsements, guarantees, representations, or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy or correctness in the billing, and non-infringement to the fullest extent allowed by law. You acknowledge that as an agent, StarHub shall not be liable for the quality or performance of the service provided by the Third Party. No advice or information whether oral or written, obtained by you from StarHub or through the Service will create any warranty not expressly made in these Terms and Conditions. Under no circumstances will StarHub be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special damages, or any loss or damage, whether to property or injury to persons, whether foreseeable or not foreseeable, resulting, directly or indirectly, from the use or loss of use of the Service and/or the service supplied by the Third Party.

  8. Matters Beyond StarHub’s Control

    StarHub will not be liable for any delay or failure in performance under these Terms and Conditions resulting from matters beyond our control. These include acts of God, requirements of any governmental or regulatory authority, war, national emergency, accident, fire, lightning, misinformation or errors in the billing information provided by the Third Party, equipment failure, computer software or software malfunction, faults, interruption or disruption of the network through which StarHub provides the Service to you or of your equipment or the equipment of any third party, riots, strikes, lock-outs, industrial disputes (whether or not involving StarHub employees), epidemics of infectious diseases.

  9. Ending the Service

    The Service may be terminated by StarHub for any reason, without notice, at any time, and without liability to you.

  10. Changes

    StarHub may change the Service in such manner as StarHub may determine in its absolute discretion and you are deemed to be bound by any changes regarding the Service and any related matters.