Terms & Conditions - 12Up

12Up will no longer be available for subscription from 1 November 2017.


  1. In order to be eligible for the StarHub 12Up you must fulfill the following criteria :
    1. Sign-up or recontract on a 24 months mobile handset contract from 1st June 2016 till 31 October 2017;
    2. Purchase an Eligible StarHub 12Up Device from StarHub as part of the contract; and
    3. Be on a Consumer or Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) plan.
  2. Eligible mobile voice plans and bundles are as follows
    1. Lite
    2. XS
    3. S
    4. M
    5. L
    6. XL
    7. SmartBuddy
    8. HomeHub Go 15
    9. SurfHub 12
    10. SurfHub 15
    11. SurfHub 18
    12. SurfHub 24

  3. Benefits
  4. You will enjoy a waiver of Early Recontract Fee (ERF) of up to $300 depending on your price plan. Waiver of ERF cannot be used for any other payments or purchases and can only be used in 1 transaction. Any unused amount will be forfeited.
  5. You will get to upgrade to the Eligible New Device at the prevailing published prices for the relevant mobile voice plans or bundles.
  6. You will enjoy up to $10.70 discount off your excess local data usage every month for a period of 12 months from time of handset upgrade. For the avoidance of doubt, if the actual excess data usage is less than $10.70, only the actual excess will be discounted. And if there is no excess in a month, there will be no discount.

  7. Upgrade Requirements
  8. StarHub 12Up gives you the option to upgrade. In order to upgrade, you must :
    1. Have completed at least 12 full months of your 24 month service contract and you are eligible for recontract;
    2. Bring in the Eligible StarHub 12Up Device in Good Working Condition. StarHub reserves the right to reject any devices deemed as not in Good Working Condition, as determined by StarHub in its discretion;
    3. Bring in the Eligible StarHub 12Up Device before the StarHub 12Up Device Expiry Date;
    4. Recontract to a new eligible mobile voice plan or bundle with a 24 month service contract; and
    5. Purchase an Eligible New Device at the prevailing published prices for the relevant mobile voice plans or bundles.

  9. Others
  10. If you choose not to upgrade, you may continue with your existing contract.
  11. StarHub does not guarantee the stock availability of the Eligible New Device.
  12. ERF charges and conditions are dependent on the individual price plans or promotions.
  13. The list of Eligible StarHub 12Up Device will be updated periodically and disclosed by StarHub from time to time.
  14. StarHub 12Up is not applicable in conjunction with Hub Club handset upgrade or any other handset upgrade offer as determined by StarHub.
  15. If you choose to bring in an Eligible StarHub 12Up Device, the device will not be applicable for trade-in.
  16. In the event that your line is changed or transferred to a non-eligible plan or a company registered account, StarHub 12Up will not be applicable.
  17. You must maintain an eligible plan to enjoy StarHub 12Up.
  18. Your accounts with StarHub must not be in suspension or in dunning to enjoy StarHub 12Up.
  19. StarHub reserves the right to terminate or suspend the StarHub 12Up program at any time, in StarHub's absolute discretion
  20. StarHub reserves the right to change any part of these Terms & Conditions from time to time without notice.
  21. The use of StarHub 12Up is subject to StarHub’s General Terms and Conditions, Service Specific Terms and Conditions, and any other terms and conditions that subscribers may have agreed from time to time. Subscribers may view our terms and conditions at starhub.com


What these words mean in this Agreement

"Good Working Condition"

The device will be checked based on the criteria below.

1.     Device has no cosmetic damage i.e no broken casing, screen, severe scratch, wear and tear or corrosion.

2.     Device has no liquid damage.

3.     Device must be able to power on and off.

4.     Any applicable phone lock (password or finger print) must be disabled.

5.     Device must be able to be charged.

6.     When device is powered on, the display must be clear and fully visible.

7.     Device does not have any missing or non-original parts. Device includes original battery, power adaptor and cable.

8.     Device is not registered on any applicable stolen or lost property database.

"Eligible New Device"

The device that customer purchase with a new 24 month contract or the device that customer recontract with during upgrade. For the latest list eligible new and StarHub 12Up devices, please refer to FAQ

"Eligible StarHub 12Up Device"

The device that customer brings in to StarHub to enjoy the StarHub 12Up. For the latest list eligible new and StarHub 12Up devices, please refer to FAQ

"StarHub 12Up Device Expiry Date"

The date that you must bring in the Eligible StarHub 12Up Device to enjoy StarHub 12Up. Please refer to FAQ for device expiry date.