Terms & Conditions - Unified Threat Management


  1. Service
    "Service" or “UTM services” refers to the Unified Threat Management services provided by StarHub Ltd (Reg. No. 199802208C) and is a value added service (“VAS”).

  2. Definition
    1. “CPE” refers to the customer premises equipment provided by us under this Agreement installed or to be installed at the Premises and which you use to obtain the Services.
    2. “Premises” means the property bearing the Service Address, which is owned or occupied by you and is connected to the Network.
    3. “Local area network (LAN)” refers to a network that connects computers and other devices in a relatively small area, typically a single building or a group of buildings. Most LANs connect workstations and personal computers and enable users to access data and devices.
    4. “Wide area network (WAN)” refers to telecommunications network or computer network that extends over a large geographical distance. Wide area networks are often established with leased telecommunication circuits.
    5. “Service Address” refers to the address of the Premises at which we agree to provide the Services to you.
    6. “Network Address Translation (NAT)” means IP addresses that we provided to allow firewalls/router to translate IP addresses. That way, many computers can share a few public IP addresses. The firewall translates between the public and the private IP addresses.
    7. “Unified Threat Management (UTM)” refers to the combination of security-related applications such as network firewall, gateway antivirus, web content filtering, and intrusion detection and prevention capabilities, into a single platform or system and through such platform or system and CPE, security reports can be generated
    8. “Network Firewall” refers to CPE designed to examine network traffic using policy statements (rule set) to block unauthorized access while permitting authorized communications to or from a network or electronic equipment.
    9. “Firewall Policy” or “rule” refers to a set of rules that enable firewall that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of rules.
    10. “Gateway Antivirus (AV)” refers to network security appliances that provide integrated antivirus security on the appliance to block potential threats before reaching the network. Gateway antivirus allows corporate and enterprise to check for viruses at the application layer using a web-based scanning service.
    11. “Web Content Filtering” means a program that can screen the contents of an incoming Web page to determine whether some or all of it should not be displayed to the user.
    12. “Web Filtering Category” means website’s content being filtered based on rating into categories range from offensive types of content such as "Violence," which would include anti-social websites that advocate the use of weapons or explosives, to sites that may not be offensive but would otherwise cause a potential risk to the network in terms of bandwidth usage, such as "Freeware/Software downloads" or "Multimedia".
    13. “URL” refers to Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) which is the generic term for all types of names and addresses that refer to objects on the website. The term "Web address" is a synonym for a URL that uses the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
    14. “Whitelist URL” refers to list or register of entities that are being will be accepted, approved and/or recognized by your users for access.
    15. “Blacklist URL” refers to the reverse of whitelist which practice of identifying website that are denied or disapproved by your users for access.
    16. “On-Appliance Report” means standard commonly used report template based on the collected information like traffic and usage in the firewall.
  3. Eligibility for Service
    1. In order to be eligible for the Service (which is a VAS), you must be a current subscriber of at least an active (i.e. not suspended) StarHub Business Broadband (Biz BB) or Switch Ethernet (SWE) service or both (“main line”);
      1. as the Service supports up to 1Gbps Biz BB and 100M SWE services, your subscription for Biz BB and/or SWE must be of the same bandwidth speeds; and
      2. at the time of application, you must not have any outstanding accounts with us that are due and owing to us.
    2. We will provide the Service as stated in the application/order form as may be agreed by us from time to time.
    3. You must at all times provide us with such information as may be necessary or desirable for us to provide you with the Service.
    4. We will not be liable for any Service failure, interruption or performance degradation:
      1. arising from StarHub's Business Internet service; and/or
      2. arising from the local/international leased circuit connection.
    5. We may decline acceptance of your application at our discretion.
  4. Service Provision
    1. The Service Start Date which you have indicated in the form shall be known as the Ready For Service ("RFS") date.
      1. In the case of a new main line, the RFS is dependent on the main line. We will not be able to provide the service any earlier than the date which the Biz BB or SWE circuit is provisioned and activated.
      2. Your RFS date shall not be more than 3 months from the date of your application for the Service. We will not accept any order with RFS more than 3 months from date of order submission
    2. Without prejudice to paragraph 3.9 above, we reserve the right not to accept or proceed with your application if:
      1. the application/order form submitted by you is not duly completed and signed;
      2. you fail to provide us with the information as stipulated under paragraph 3.7 above;
      3. we determine, in our absolute discretion, that we are unable to provide the Service due to any of the reasons; or
      4. We discover that any facility or resource you are requested to provide as requested by us and under the operating conditions and specifications stipulated by us for the proper performance of the Service, or the installation, operation and maintenance of the Service, is not provided as requested.
    3. When we accept your application/order form for the Service, we will notify you of the commencement date for the provision of the Service and this date will be known as the ready for service ("RFS") date. The RFS date will be specified in our application/order form. We reserve the right to change the RFS date without liability.
    4. If we are unable to provide the Service by the RFS date, then you may either:
      1. cancel that part of the Service which we are unable to provide by the RFS date, without being liable to pay any cancellation Charges; or
      2. accept that part of the Service which we are ready to provide, and pay for the same at our prevailing rate(s), and the aforesaid shall constitute your sole and exclusive remedies against us and you shall have no other claim against us for our failure to provide the Service by the RFS date. We have no further liability to provide the Service by the RFS date.
    5. If you request to defer the provision of the Service to a date after the RFS date originally agreed to by us, you will be liable to pay a reservation fee at our prevailing rate(s).
    6. If it is due to the failure to provision the first main line and if you accept that part of the Service which we are ready to provide and pay for the same at our agreed/ prevailing rate(s), you will have no other claim against us for our failure to provide the Service on or before the RFS date.
    7. If you cancel your application for the Service before the RFS date, you will be liable to pay our prevailing cancellation Charges (currently set at $300 inclusive of GST or such other cancellation Charges as may be prescribed by us from time to time) per order.
    8. We are responsible for providing the UTM device and Service. The point of demarcation for our responsibility is up to the UTM device. During service activation, we will use our reasonable endeavours to ensure that the policies you have requested and submitted to us have been implemented in the UTM device.
    9. You must notify us in writing if we have failed to implement the policies you have requested and submitted to us. We will correct our failures that have been brought to our attention at our own cost. The foregoing shall constitute our sole liability and your exclusive remedies for such failures.
    10. Our business hours are from 8 am to 5.30 pm, Mondays-Fridays (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). You may request for installation or relocation works to be carried out outside our business hours or on weekends. There is a one-time Charge, currently set at $267.50 inclusive of GST (or such other Charge as may be prescribed by us from time to time) per order/ circuit. This Charge will still be imposed if you cancel or postpone an appointment less than 2 hours from the scheduled appointment time, or if you fail to grant us access or fail to be present at the scheduled appointment time for our field engineers (“FE”) or contactors to carry out the necessary works.
  5. Minimum Period of Service
    The Minimum Period of Service (MPS) for a new Service shall be a continuous period of 24 months.

  6. Duration of Service
    1. If you do not renew or re-contract the Service at the end of the first Minimum Period of Service, the Service will be disabled although the UTM device will continue to function as a router for the main line.
    2. We may collect the UTM device and replace with a standard router for the main line if you do not recontract your Service. Subsequent re-contracts shall be in blocks of 12 months and such 12 months shall constitute the Minimum Period of Service.
    3. Promotion rates are applicable for limited period of time only. At the end of the applicable Minimum Period of Service, the promotional rates shall not apply and the rates shall revert to our prevailing rates (i.e. non-promotional rates). Renewals will ensure that you will get to enjoy competitive rates. Please contact your StarHub account manager early for renewals.
    4. You cannot request for any Service suspensions even if your main line is suspended for any reason.
  7. Scope of Service
    1. We will provide the Service to you in accordance with the particulars set out in the accepted application/order form. Under no circumstances shall we be responsible if any of the particulars provided by you in the application/order form is incorrect, false and/or incomplete.
    2. We will rent to you the UTM device as part of the Services. You shall be responsible for the UTM device whilst it is in your possession and shall provide the appropriate space and power supply for it. You shall house and use the UTM device according to the device user guide given to you and our instructions. Replacement for lost or damaged UTM device shall be chargeable. You may contact our technical service support helpdesk if you face any hardware issues on the UTM device.
    3. Subscribed bandwidth of your main line is typically before the implementation of UTM services. Actual data transfer speeds will differ after UTM services are turned on and are affected by various factors, including but not limited to overall network traffic, performance and configuration of UTM service rules, type of data accessed, location and configuration of the accessed server and total number of users. We do not warrant or give any guarantee on data transfer speed of the main line or any other aspect of the Service. We hereby exclude all warranties, whether express or implied by law, regarding the use of the Service (including without limitation the accessibility, reliability or accuracy of the Service) and the performance and/or condition of the network. There are no Customer Service Warranties for UTM services. You may contact your account manager should you wish to subscribe to our premium UTM services, which are chargeable at premium rates.
    4. You are responsible for the selection of the web filtering based on the category provided in low, medium and high settings. 

Web Content Filtering


Low Setting

Organization with basic policy to blocks malicious content, phishing sites, and sites regarding adult content, drugs, extremist groups, illegal, and hacking sites

Detail Category Included

  • Alcohol & Tobacco: Sites that promote or distribute alcohol or tobacco products for free or for a charge
  • Controlled Substances: Sites providing information about or promoting the use, trade, or manufacture of drugs other than marijuana that are controlled or regulated in most jurisdictions.
  • Criminal Activity: Includes sites for advocating, instructing, or giving advice on performing illegal acts; tips on evading law enforcement; lock-picking and burglary techniques.
  • Extreme: Sites containing content considered gory, perverse, or horrific in nature
  • Hacking: Sites providing tools or instruction in illegal or questionable activities to access computer systems, data, or networks.
  • Intellectual Piracy: Sites supporting, enabling or engaging in sharing of content that is protected intellectual property. Risk of liability for organizations if they allow infringement of IP rights.
  • Intolerance & Hate: Includes sites that advocate or incite degradation or attack of specified populations or institutions based on associations such as religion, race, nationality, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation; sites that promote a political or social agenda that is supremacist in nature and exclusionary of others based on their race, religion, nationality, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation; Holocaust revisionist or denial sites and other revisionist sites that encourage hate; coercion or recruitment for membership in a gang or cult; militancy and extremist sites; and flagrantly insensitive or offensive material, including those with a lack of recognition or respect for opposing opinions and beliefs. For the purposes of this category, a gang is defined as: a group whose primary activities are the commission of felonious criminal acts, which has a common name or identifying sign or symbol, and whose members individually or collectively engage in criminal activity in the name of the group. A cult is defined as: a group whose followers have been deceptively and manipulatively recruited and retained through undue influence such that followers' personalities and behavior are altered; a group in which leadership is all-powerful, ideology is totalistic, and the will of the individual is subordinate to the group; and a group that sets itself outside of society. Note: We do not include news, historical, or press incidents that may include the above criteria (except in graphic examples).
  • Legal Highs: Sites providing information about the growth, trade or use of non-controlled substances for the purpose of inducing highs or other narcotic effects. Not appropriate for more controlled environments such as education.
  • Marijuana: Includes sites for recipes, instructions, or kits for manufacturing or growing illicit substances for purposes other than industrial usage; glamorizing, encouraging, or instructing on the use of or masking the use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or other substances that are illegal to minors; information on "legal highs", including glue sniffing, misuse of prescription drugs, or abuse of other legal substances; distributing illegal drugs free or for a charge; and displaying, selling, or detailing the use of drug paraphernalia.
  • Military & Extremist: Includes sites portraying, describing or advocating physical assault against humans, animals, or institutions; depicting torture, mutilation, gore, or horrific death; advocating, encouraging, or depicting self-endangerment, or suicide, including through eating disorders or addictions; instructions, recipes, or kits for making bombs or other harmful or destructive devices; sites promoting terrorism; and excessively violent sports or games, including videos and online games. Note: We do not block news, historical, or press incidents that may include the above criteria, except those that include graphic examples.
  • Nudity: Sites containing non-sexual depictions of human forms in varying states of undress. May be OK where more explicit material is not allowed, although still inappropriate for kids.
  • Plagiarism: Sites providing material intended enabling cheating in educational or academic contexts.
  • Pro Suicide & Self Harm: Sites promoting suicide and self-harm. Schools may need to monitor student activities for potential areas of concern.
  • Sex Education: Includes sites with pictures or text advocating the proper use of contraceptives; sites relating to discussion about the use of the pill, IUDs, and other types of contraceptives; and discussion sites on how to talk to your partner about diseases, pregnancy, and respecting boundaries. Note: Not included in the category are commercial sites that sell sexual paraphernalia. These sites are typically found in the Adult category.
  • Sexually Explicit: Includes sites for adult products including sex toys, CD-ROMs, and videos; child pornography and pedophilia (including the IWF list); adult services including video-conferencing, escort services, and strip clubs; erotic stories and textual descriptions of sexual acts; explicit cartoons and animation; online groups, including newsgroups and forums that are sexually explicit in nature; sexually-oriented or erotic sites with full or partial nudity; depictions or images of sexual acts, including with animals or inanimate objects used in a sexual manner; sexually exploitative or sexually violent text or graphics; bondage, fetishes, genital piercing; naturist sites that feature nudity; and erotic or fetish photography, which depicts nudity. Note: We do not include sites regarding sexual health, breast cancer, or sexually transmitted diseases (except those with graphic examples).
  • Swimwear & Lingerie: Includes sites for lingerie, negligee, and other intimate apparel modeling; swimwear modeling; models' fan pages; modeling information and agencies; and fitness models and sports celebrities’ sites.
  • Weapons: Includes sites with online purchasing or ordering information, including lists of prices and dealer locations; any page or site predominantly containing, or providing links to, content related to the sale of guns, weapons, ammunition, or poisonous substances; displaying or detailing the use of guns, weapons, ammunition or poisonous substances; and clubs which offer training on machine guns, automatics, other assault weapons, and sniper training. Note: Weapons are defined as something (as a club, knife, or gun) used to injure, defeat, or destroy
  • Malicious Websites: include sites host software that is covertly downloaded to a user's machine to collect information and monitor user activity, and sites that are infected with destructive or malicious software, specifically designed to damage, disrupt, attack or manipulate computer systems without the user's consent, such as virus or trojan horse
  • Phishing: Counterfeit web pages that duplicate legitimate business web pages for the purpose of eliciting financial, personal or other private information from the users.
  • Spam URLs: Websites or webpages whose URLs are found in spam emails. These webpages often advertise sex sites, fraudulent wares, and other potentially offensive materials.
  • Dynamic DNS: include sites that utilize dynamic DNS services to map a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to a specific IP address or set of addresses under the control of the site owner; these are often used in cyber attacks and botnet command & control servers.


Medium Setting

Organization wanted to improve productivity and blocks all sites in Basic setting, plus bandwidth-heavy websites regarding steaming media, voice or video call and peer-to-peer file sharing.  

Detail Category Included

  • Low Setting
  • Live Audio: Sites offering live audio streaming of events or programming. Eliminate a significant source of non-business bandwidth.
  • Live Video: Sites offering live video streaming of events or other programming. Eliminate a significant source of non-business bandwidth.
  • Peer to Peer & Torrents: Includes peer-to-peer file sharing clients and peer-to-peer file sharing servers.
  • Radio & Audio Hosting: Sites offering legitimate on-demand audio/music content (e.g. Spotify, Pandora).
  • Surveillance: URLs associated with video surveillance systems. Users consume a lot of bandwidth having a home surveillance system running on their desktop all day.
  • Video Hosting: Sites offering on-demand video content (e.g. YouTube).
  • Voice & Video Calls: Traffic related to Internet-based telephony and video calling.
  • File Sharing and Storage: Websites that permit users to utilize Internet servers to store personal files or for sharing, such as with photos
  • Freeware and Software Downloads: Sites whose primary function is to provide freeware and software downloads. Cell phone ringtones/images/games, computer software updates for free downloads are all included in this category.


High Setting

Organization blocks all sites in Low and Median settings, plus counter-productive related website like personal, social networking like web chats and instant messaging.                 

Detail Category Included

  • Low & Medium Setting
  • Entertainment: Includes sites about television, movies, music, and video programming guides; online magazines and reviews of the entertainment industry; celebrity fan sites; broadcasting firms and technologies (satellite, cable, etc.); horoscopes; jokes, comics, comic books, comedians, or any site designed to be funny or satirical; online greeting cards; and amusement and theme park sites.
  • Fashion & Beauty: Sites of fashion or glamour magazines, online beauty products, and cosmetics.
  • Gambling: Includes sites of online gambling or lottery websites that invite the use of real or virtual money; information or advice for placing wagers, participating in lotteries, gambling, or running numbers; virtual casinos and offshore gambling; sports picks and betting pools; virtual sports and fantasy leagues that off large rewards or request significant wagers.
  • Games: Includes sites for game playing or downloading, game hosting or content hosting, tips and advice on games or obtaining cheat codes, and journals and magazines dedicated to online game playing.
  • Hobbies: Includes sites for recreational pastimes, such as collecting, gardening, and kit airplanes; outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, camping, and rock climbing; tips or trends focused on a specific art, craft, or technique; online publications on a specific pastime or recreational activity; online clubs, associations, or forums dedicated to a hobby; traditional games such as board games and card games, and their enthusiasts; animal and pet related sites, including breed-specific sites, training, shows, and humane societies.
  • Hunting & Fishing: Sites dedicated to blood sports and fishing that may contain gory or disturbing images. May contain unpleasant or distasteful content that is unsuitable in education or other sensitive environments.
  • Job Search: Includes sites of employment agencies, contractors, job listings, career information, career searches, and career-networking groups.
  • Kids Sites: Includes child-oriented sites and sites published by children.
  • Online Shopping: Includes sites for department stores, retail stores, company catalogs, and other sites that allow online consumer shopping, sites for online auctions, online downloadable product warehouses, specialty items for sale, and freebies or merchandise giveaways.
  • Personal Sites: Sites operated by private individuals with space to host unrestricted custom content. Sites that may not be well managed could introduce risk or contain inappropriate content.
  • Photo & Galleries: Includes sites that provide resources for photography, image searches, online photo albums, digital photo exchanges, and image hosting.
  • Religion & Spirituality: Includes sites of churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship; any faith or religious belief sites, including non-traditional religions such as Wicca and witchcraft.
  • Restaurants & Dining: Includes sites for recipes, cooking instruction and tips, food products, and wine advisors; restaurants, cafes, eateries, pubs, and bars; and food and drink magazines and reviews.
  • Sports: Includes sites for team or conference web sites; national, international, college, professional scores and schedules; sports-related online magazines or newsletters; and fantasy sports and virtual sports leagues that are free or low-cost.
  • Travel: Includes sites of airlines and flight booking agencies, accommodation information, travel package listings, city guides and tourist information, and car rentals
  • Business Networking: Social networking services dedicated to connecting people at a business or professional level (e.g. LinkedIn).
  • Online Chat: Includes sites of web-based chat and instant message servers.
  • Personals & Dating: Includes singles listings, matchmaking and dating services, advice for dating or relationships, and romance tips and suggestions sites.
  • Social Networks: Mainstream social networking sites providing a range of personal services enabling users to communicate with groups of contacts.

    1. Any changes to include or exclude specific URL after initial setup must be notified to our StarHub business helpdesk and after acceptance by us, will be considered as a change request. There may be a Charge imposed for such change request.
    2. This Service can support up to the same number of concurrent users supported by your main line.
    3. In the event of a reported faulty UTM device, our FE will endeavour to restore your main line services first and subject to our supporting hours, our FE will then endeavour to restore the UTM services, which may be carried out the next business day.

  1. Additional Charges
    1. Should you require additional functional feature in the UTM services, you will need to submit a change management request to our StarHub business helpdesk. Additional functional feature requests are subject to our prevailing FE/ professional charges as may be prescribed by us from time to time. A site survey may be required if the request requires our further evaluation. We will use our commercially reasonable endeavours to meet the date requested by you. Where necessary, we may dispatch our FE to reconfigure your UTM device.
    2. Existing UTM service subscribers with a 250Mbps (or lower bandwidth) Business Broadband or a 100Mbps (or lower bandwidth) Switched-Ethernet main line upgrading to higher-bandwidth plan, will experience downtime for the replacement of UTM service CPE to a premium model, and subjected to a one-time setup Charge and higher MRC (effective from the date of CPE replacement) for the Service. The CPE replacement is required to support the higher bandwidth. Please contact your StarHub account manager for details if you wish to upgrade the bandwidth of your main line.
    3. You may relocate your Service with your main line. Once the main line has been provisioned at the new site, we will relocate your UTM device to the new site. Your existing contract will continue. You may contact our StarHub business helpdesk for relocation
      1. For Parallel Relocation, a new main line will be set up at the new premises. We will relocate your UTM device to the new premises once it is activated. As the existing circuit at your old premises will remain active until such time you inform us to terminate it, we will install a standard router at the old premises so that your main line can continue to be used; it will not have the UTM service. If your Service comes with static IP, we will reconfigure the UTM device with the new static IP addresses into the UTM device at your new premises.
      2. In the event we are unable to provide the main line at the new premises during the Minimum Period of Service or if you wish to terminate the Services due to delay in provisioning of the main line, this shall constitute to termination of existing Services and our Early Termination Charges (“ETC”) shall apply.
  2. Termination: Subject to Clause 10 below, either party may terminate the Service upon 30 days’ written notice to the other party. You may provide your notice of termination to your StarHub account manager or our StarHub business helpdesk. If you terminate your main line, we will also terminate the VAS. However, if the Service is still within the Minimum Period of Service or Agreement, ETC will apply.

  3. Early Termination Charges (ETC): ETC will be applicable if any circuit is terminated after the Services has been successfully provisioned and prior to expiry of the Minimum Period of Service or Agreement. The ETC comprise of:
    1. the aggregate of the monthly recurring charges (including rental charges, where applicable) for the remainder of the unfulfilled Minimum Period of Service (MPS); and
    2. where relevant, any charges imposed by a third party arising from and/or in connection with the termination.
  4. License Agreement: You and your users agree to be bound by the end-user license agreement (“EULA”) of the main UTM product provider (“Provider”). By signing up and using the Service, you are deemed to have accepted in full, without doubt or countenance, the terms of the Provider’s EULA, and any amendment or updates thereafter. You may request a copy of the EULA from your account manager. If you do not accept the terms, we are unable to provide the Services to you.

  5. Disclaimer of Warranties and Restrictions: THE UTM DEVICE & SERVICES ARE PROVIDED "AS-IS" WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY, IMPLIED OR EXPRESS WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, OR WARRANTY FOR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO THE QUALITY, SELECTION AND PERFORMANCE OF THE SERVICE IS WITH THE SUBSCRIBER. YOU HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT NO VENDOR CAN ASSURE COMPLETE SECURITY AND NOTHING HEREIN OR ELSEWHERE SHALL BE DEEMED TO IMPLY A SECURITY GUARANTEE OR ASSURANCE. There is no warranty if the Service, or the UTM device upon which the Provider’s software is authorized to be used (a) has been altered, except by the Provider or its authorized representative, (b) has not been installed, operated, repaired, updated to the latest version, or maintained in accordance with instructions supplied by the Provider, (c) has been subjected to abnormal physical or electrical stress, misuse, negligence, or accident; (d) is licensed for beta, evaluation, donation, free, trial, testing or demonstration purposes or for which StarHub does not charge a service fee for.


  7. General Charges: The following is our general Charges that may be levied against you:



Order Cancellation Charges (before Service is activated. For the avoidance of doubt, early termination Charges apply once Service is activated)


Relocation Charges


Modification Charges

$42.80 - $150.00 depending on the complexity of the modification.

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Hardware Charges

$160.50 + hardware charges

You may enquire the cost of the hardware from your StarHub Account Manager.

Resumption Charges

(from the date of suspension)

$21.40 for 1st 90 calendar days of suspension or part thereof.

$21.40 for each subsequent month of suspension or part thereof.

All above Charges are inclusive of GST. We reserve the right to add, remove or change any of the Charges from time to time without prior notice. Please procure written confirmation from us on the Charges that apply to you.