Terms & Conditions - StarHub Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) Promotions for NTUC Union Members


Promotion is applicable to all NTUC Union members and valid till such date as StarHub may determine at all StarHub Shops and Exclusive Partner Shops. Promotion is mutually exclusive with all other StarHub promotions or discounts.



  1. 20% OFF Monthly Subscription for 24 months

    20% subscription discount is applicable to new sign-ups (including port-in) and recontract customers on a 2-year Lite/XS/S/M/L/XL mobile plan. Prevailing subscription applies thereafter.


  3. Free SIM activation, Caller Number Display and International Roaming subscription

    Free SIM activation charge of $37.45 for all CIS new (including port-in) subscriptions to our mobile service voice plans. Free 12 months of Caller Number Display and International Roaming are applicable on a promotional basis.


  5. Free Unlimited Weekend Data

    Fair usage policies apply for Unlimited SMS/MMS, Unlimited talktime and Unlimited Weekend Data. Unlimited Saturday and Sunday Local Data starts on Saturday 0000 to Sunday 2359. Unlimited Saturday and Sunday Local Data cannot be shared or allocated via the DataShare Value-Added Service. All StarHub’s Mobile Terms & Conditions apply. For details, please visit starhub.com/mobiletnc.


  7. FREE extra 3GB data for 12 months

    To enjoy this Promotion, customers must opt-in for Plus 3 Data Upsize at the point of new sign-up or recontract to a 24-month StarHub Mobile XS, S, M, L, XL plan. Valid for 12 continuous months and prevailing charges of $6/month will apply thereafter. The Plus 3 Data Upsize is mutually exclusive with other Data Upsize Value Added Services and is not applicable with any other discounts or promotions, including free Value Added Services and discounts. Full terms and conditions can be found on starhub.com/plus3.


  8. 20% OFF Google Wifi

    Valid till 28 Sept 2018 at all StarHub Shops and Exclusive Partner Shops. Applicable with new sign-ups or re-contract to a 24-months 1Gbps Fibre Broadband Plan. StarHub reserved the rights to determine eligibility. All prices stated are inclusive of 7% GST. Promotions are applicable to new and existing subscribers who are not on promotional contracts and do not have outstanding bills with StarHub.


  9. Fibre Broadband

    Fibre home broadband service is only available for fibre-ready and certified residential properties with a Termination Point within property. An activation fee of $56.71 is chargeable for the activation of each new Home Broadband access. Limited to the installation of the Opitcal Network Terminal with the Wireless AC dual-band Router. For information on the Typical Speed Range of StarHub Home Broadband plans, please refer to starhub.com/typical-broadband-speed-plans. The actual bandwidth experienced is dependent on various factors such as hardware, software, signal strength of the WIFI connection, Internet traffic and destination server.


In addition, StarHub prevailing business general and applicable service specific terms and conditions, and any other terms and conditions that the customer and StarHub may have agreed to from time to time apply. StarHub reserves the right to amend, suspend, withdraw or terminate, whether in whole or in part, this Promotion and/or any of these terms and conditions without notice and at StarHub’s absolute discretion. Participation in this Promotion shall constitute acceptance of all these terms and conditions and any amendments thereof. These Promotion Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and parties agree to be bound by the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.