Terms & Conditions - Business IDD (008/018) Rates Services


  1. Services and eligibility
    1. In this Section, “Services” refer to StarHub Business IDD (008/018) Rates provisioned by StarHub Ltd (company reg. no. 199802208C). The Services may be used by customers who choose to use our Network for their international direct dialling (“IDD”) calls but have chosen to retain their direct exchange lines and/or mobile telephone lines which they have procured through other Service Providers.
    2. To apply for the Services, you must have a valid and active direct exchange line and/or mobile telephone line from another Service Provider(s). We may allow you to register for Services through line(s) that do not belong to you provided that you shall obtain all relevant consent(s) in writing from the owner(s) of such line(s) and shall be solely and fully responsible for use of the Services under your account, including but not limited to the payment of all Charges incurred arising from and/or in connection with the Services and whether used by you and/or anyone else (regardless whether such use was with your express consent, knowledge or otherwise).
    3. The following lines are eligible for the Services:
      1. StarHub business registered fixed lines;
      2. other Service Providers’ business-registered fixed lines which have been successfully registered with us enabling such lines to access and use the Services;
      3. other Service Providers’ business-registered mobile lines which have successfully registered with us enabling such lines to access and use the Services.
    4. We reserve the right to change any of the country (or countries) and/or the prevailing rates or Charges of the Services at any time without prior notice.
    5. There may be different rates or Charges for calls terminating to fixed lines in a particular country and for calls terminating to mobile lines in the same particular country.
  2. Use of the Services
    1. If you do not make use of the Services for a significant period, we shall be entitled to suspend or terminate the Services and we will endeavour to give you notice of such suspension or termination.
    2. We will not be respons StarHub
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