Terms & Conditions - GIRO Payment Arrangement.


  1. The information given in the application (“Application”) for recurring payment of StarHub bills by GIRO (“Recurring Payment Arrangement”) will supersede all relevant information relating to the relevant StarHub account holder (“Customer”) or bank account holder (“Bank Account Holder”) StarHub has in our systems.
  2. By signing up for the Recurring Payment Arrangement, the Customer and the Bank Account Holder agree to StarHub debiting the relevant bank account for all charges billed to the relevant StarHub account as nominated. This Recurring Payment Arrangement will continue to be in effect until Customer notifies StarHub in writing to terminate it, or StarHub receives a notification from the Bank Account Holder’s bank (“Bank”). StarHub reserves the right to terminate the Recurring Payment Arrangement at any time in our discretion. For approved new Applications, this authorisation will take effect from the Customer’s next billing cycle.
  3. A system generated letter of notification will be sent upon approval.
  4. The Customer shall pay any current outstanding balance via other payment methods until the Recurring Payment Arrangement takes effect.
  5. The Customer will see in their bill "The total outstanding balance will be deducted from your XXXXX via GIRO on dd/mm/yy." once the Recurring Payment Arrangement is in effect.
  6. If we are unable to make the deduction or settlement with the Bank for any reason whatsoever, the Customer shall remain liable to StarHub for the charges under the StarHub Account Number(s) on the Application. Further, we will not be liable to the Customer or the Bank Account Holder for any charges incurred on the bank account as a result of our deductions as authorized herein.
  7. In the event of unsuccessful GIRO deduction by the Bank, the Ba StarHub
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