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The StarHub Media Centre is a dedicated resource FOR MEDIA ENQUIRIES ONLY.

For all other enquiries, please refer to our Customer Support Page; call our Customer Care at 1633 (+65 6820 1633 when you are travelling overseas) or email them at customerservice@starhub.com.

For media queries, please either contact us at corpcomms@starhub.com or get in touch with any of our individual media relations professionals below. Please send us an email if your query is after office hours in Singapore.

For CSR and corporate sponsorship matters, please email us at starhubcsr@starhub.com.

StarHub Corporate Communications Directory:

Jeannie Ong
Chief Strategic Partnership Officer
DID: +65 6825 5168
Email: jeannieo@starhub.com

Caitlin Fua
Assistant Vice President, Corporate Communications
DID: +65 6825 5177
Email: caitlin@starhub.com

Cassie Fong
(for Enterprise, Networks and Innovation)
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
DID: +65 6825 5165
Email: cassie@starhub.com

Angeline Tan
(for StarHub TV – Local & Asian Content)
Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications
DID: +65 6825 5182
Email: angeline.lc.tan@starhub.com

Nicholas Tee
(for StarHub TV – English & Sports Content)
Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications
DID: +65 6825 5134
Email: nicholas.hs.tee@starhub.com

Philemon Foo
(for Mobile & Broadband)
Senior Executive, Corporate Communications
DID: +65 6825 5635
Email: philemon.foo@starhub.com